Logo-Oct2015Men are called to be leaders in their families, churches, communities, and businesses. It is part of our design. Today, exercising moral leadership has become something of a lost discipline as we are asked to be more “tolerant” when in fact this causes us to be morally weak. Sadly, many have surrendered to this bogus claim. Many of us have been out of the leadership role for so long, we have forgotten what it really means. Well, thanks be to God, we have been given an awesome gift and the best leadership model in the life and teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Bible helps us rediscover it.

We have also been given another equally wonderful gift of fellowship and we would like to invite you to join us on a quest to reclaim this calling and have some fun doing it.

Our mission is to rediscover this most excellent way of Jesus, to encourage each other along the way, and to “go” on our individual paths prepared to lead.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday by 7:00 am!      (directions)