Guys say…


“You will always hear something you need to know, observe the love of Christ by fellow Christians, and be motivated by love to serve others.” –  an appreciative attendee“The FMMF is a great time to meet Christian men.  When the (restaurant) owners received Christ it showed me how important this group can be to the community.”  –  SN“I attended a FMMF at Houlihan’s in Atlanta for many years. God really blessed me for getting up early to be there by 7 A.M. The fellowship, relationships and spiritual growth helped me be a better husband, father, businessman, and friend. The FMMF at Fuego is GREAT! Fuego FMMF is helping us to be the spiritual leaders of our families as directed by the  Bible. And what a great way to begin the weekend.”         -DT“I was introduced to you by a long-time friend when he and his wife were up here with us for Oktoberfest last year.  You immediately invited me to FMMF.    FMMF has provided me with a door to re-enter active Christian worship and associate with other Christian men.  I enjoy the informal format and life experiences testimonies.”  – anonymous” I have enjoyed the interaction with other men, their joys and hurts.  We are a lonely species and Friday morning fills the void.  Thanks for all your hard work.”  – anonymous“Congratulations and thanks to all involved for helping keep FMMF on course for the past year.   This experience is enriching to me and my family because of its focus on the need for, and the reality of God’s grace in the affairs of man.  It has often been shown by our speakers and in our table sessions that the simple act of sharing one’s faith with others can have profound effect on both parties.  I feel that this has helped me to become more caring, and more involved spiritually in the lives of my contacts.”      – anonymous


“As one of the younger members of this group, I really appreciate the wisdom and knowledge of this group as they have experienced so much more in this world than I have. It is often very inspiring and motivating to know that the Lord continues to work in their lives and gives me such great hope that the Lord will work through me in much the same way.” – Andrew“The Friday men’s group …is a comfortable setting to listen to and share with fellow sinners and rub elbows with the Almighty.”  –  anonymous“FMMF is a great way to end a busy week and start the weekend.  I get refocused on what is important to me:  Worship and an opportunity to fellowship.”  –  anonymous“FMMF has shown us that it is not about religion, but about Christ.” – Roland

“Personally FMMF brings to my mind: Commitment, Conviction and Connection. This group has made me grow spiritually, become more accountable for my actions to God.  It has helped deepen my beliefs and is supported thru the testimonials.  I am to love my neighbors and to connect to God thru His Word.  Hebrews 3:12-13.     Thank you for reaching out to the community.  In His grip forever.”  – anonymous

“FMMF is great and I know the guys appreciate it. I also know the Lord is in that place.  I see it on the faces of the guys at my table when we are touched by His hand.  I know He is there when time and time again, my table subject blends perfectly with the speaker’s message.  He has truly blessed us”.  anonymous

“It has been a great experience for me to be able to meet so many blessed men who show how they always care for others.  I don’t meet people [easily] but this has been a wonderful experience for me.”    – anonymous